Balm for your palate

Did you know?

It is because of chocolate that we have the microwave oven! Scientists were experimenting with microwaves in the middle of the Second World War. One of the scientists, Percy Spencer entered the laboratory with a chocolate bar in his pocket and noticed that it was melting fast. So he realized that microwaves might be used for preparing food!

Balm for your palate

Mikado is a well-known brand of Zvečevo chocolate and has been sweetening your lives since as early as 1964.

This milk chocolate belongs to the group of top-quality milk chocolates and rightfully bears the ‘Croatian Quality’ label, awarded by the Croatian Chamber of Commerce.

It is produced according to traditional recipes, using only the best natural raw materials (cacao, milk) in order to meet the high criteria of biological values for food (carbohydrates, proteins, minerals and vitamins).

We have expanded the Mikado brand with a new line of best milk chocolate bars of top quality.

100 g 170 g 250 g


This chocolate lures you to take special time for enjoying in the rich, mild taste and aroma melting on your tongue.

250 g

Milk chocolate

Mikado Premium melts in your mouth and has captured our chocolate lovers’ hearts with its distinctive taste and irresistible aroma.

170 g 250 g


The irresistible cream with hazelnuts will conquer your hearts and your palates. This chocolate is perfect for true chocolate lovers.

170 g


The first-class chocolate is united with almonds, raisins and hazelnuts, which were attributed miraculous power in the past!

170 g


Juicy cranberry is coated in the first-class, rich chocolate as a special pleasure.

170 g


Almond, known as the healthiest nut and a source of vitamin E is coated in rich, juicy chocolate! This chocolate is balm for every palate.