Supreme world ruler since 1964!

Did you know?

Rice is believed to be a gift from gods and is a food that has, throughout history, fed more people than any other crop.

Supreme world ruler since 1964!

We were the first in the world to join the unjoinable – rice and chocolate! Generations have grown up with us, be part of our generations yourself! Each Zvečevo Mikado chocolate with rice bears your name in it, is a good ghost of your childhood and your children’s childhood, is part of your daily life, your family member and is still the best!

It is made of finest chocolate, prepared for you in a special way, and is poured over cracked rice coating it.

The secret of this chocolate is in its tradition, and in all its fans, whose number is growing daily! Mikado chocolate with rice also provides good dietary qualities, which makes it nutritiously desirable and useful!

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Mikado chocolate with rice