The finest chocolaty dainties

Did you know?

Chocolate lovers live longer, and after a small portion of chocolate you can better solve mathematical problems – scientists have proven!

The finest chocolaty dainties

125 g 230 g 340 g

Clementina dessert with hazelnuts

Milk chocolate dessert with nougat cream and whole hazelnuts will appeal to all gourmands. The first-class feast with Zvečevo chocolate will turn each bite into incredible pleasure and satisfaction. You don’t want to miss this exclusive dessert!

130 g 240 g 350 g

Claudia dessert with sour cherries

This Zvečevo chocolate box hides sour cherries with the finest aroma of alcohol, dipped into sour-cherry filling, and coated in the finest dark chocolate. This top chocolate delight makes your senses more excited, more alert, simply giddy with first-class tastes and aroma.