Since 1921, we have never stopped listening to your chocolaty wishes!

Zvečevo is chocolate you grew up with and the first chocolate with rice in the world, which was copied across the world.
Zvečevo is more than a factory, more than a company. Zvečevo is a family member.

We have created the first Mikado chocolate with rice in the world. It is world known and recognized, and is distributed in markets across the world: in North America, Australia, New Zealand, Austria, Germany, Hungary, even Switzerland.
Both in the local market and in the neighboring countries’ markets, Zvečevo has built up a firm position, owing to other strong brands of chocolate and spirits as well.
The proof of the top quality of Zvečevo products are numerous awards, recognitions in the country and abroad, hundreds of medals and decorations for product quality, and a few gold medals by the world institute for quality assessment – Monde Selection, Brussels.
Our products Clementina and Barun bear the ‘Croatian Quality’ label, and Mikado and Trenk brands – the ‘Croatian Creation’ label.

Zvečevo d.d. is the mother company with three companies in its ownership, as follows:

  • Zvečevo Commerce d.o.o. Sarajevo
  • Lasta d.d. Čapljina
  • Zvečevo d.o.o. Ljubljana