Our mission is sweet! We want to sweeten your world, make you more satisfied, be present at your good moments, tender moments, embellish every birthday cake and gift – like a true friend or family member!
We are with you when you are in love, when you are joyful, when you lavish attention on someone or when someone lavishes attention on you. Our mission is to be your little secret that improves your day; a bit that never disappoints. We are guided by the image of your happier life. Generations grow up with us. Let your child grow with us as well.


We are guided by the vision of satisfying your wishes, requirements and needs, without ignoring the quality and tradition we made you used to. Our business principles include sustainability, responsibility and transparency. We are focused on expanding the product range, modernizing our packaging and penetrating new export markets. We would like to satisfy as large circle of our consumers as possible, and therefore we keep monitoring your behavior, wishes and needs. Understanding you is the basis for creating our products and offer of top quality and value. We want to become the leading regional producer of confectionery and spirits, recognizable by traditionally high-quality products.


The quality policy forms the basis of doing business and upgrading the company. A high level of quality system is the basis for successful business, and a guarantee for our loyal customers’ satisfaction. Company plans are based on a new, major investment cycle of production modernization, in order to be competitive in the local and international market. Quality management is ensured pursuant to the ISO 9001:2000 norm (which is the world-recognized reference standard for certifying quality management system), and the continuous health safety of our products is ensured on the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) principles. Our company’s aim is to contribute, with its products, to the preservation of human health, environment protection and improving the quality of life. If we offer, to the market, a series of new products as early as tomorrow, it will be the reflection of our care for our consumer, and a result of the permanently present work dynamics. These are pre-requisites for our trademark to be recognizable as a trademark of tradition, high quality and your trust. Your trust and your loyalty to our products are our greatest reward. Only the best – is sufficiently good for you!
Zvečevo has always based its business on high quality and tradition, as well as on environment protection, and is thus included in the “clean technologies” category. Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning of the Republic of Croatia awarded  Zvečevo the “Croatian Oscar” award in the “Industry and Energy” category in 2001. Zvečevo does business according to world standards and, as such, respects the preventive strategy of clean production,